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    RZR LIFE News

    The Machine That Will Change The Industry Forever

    The Machine That Will Change The Industry Forever

    Polaris Industries has been the leader with innovation in the UTV industry since the launch of the RZR in late 2007.

    Since then, we've seen them up the bar with several variations of the original 50" 800cc RZR, From The RZR-S to the 181 HP Pro XP.

    Today Polaris has given the market a definitive date on when the next generation of UTV will be revealed!

    On November 9th 2021 Polaris will be unveiling what is believed to be the RZR Pro R.


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    Many rumors have been floating around social media for the last couple of years that this machine will break the glass ceiling of the 1000cc engine size.

    I for one believe the rumors are true. With the introduction of the 2.0L 4 cylinder engine in the Slingshot, the time has come to throw the powerplant in an off road machine.


    Below are patent drawings filed by Polaris, as well as, photos that have surfaced over the years of what is presumed to be the Pro R.



    One thing that I will point out from the picture posted by Polaris RZR today is, notice the exhaust tips are different on the two machines. Could we see two machines revealed with different powerplants????


    I guess we will find out on November 9th...


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